Superbikero by Rainjoy


To see and be seen!

The Superbikero is the bracelet for all cycling superheroes. Thanks to its dual superpower, it combines a light signal with an integrated rear-view mirror. It increases your visibility when you reach out to turn or when you need the mirror to see what’s happening behind you without even having to turn around. Because it can be adjusted and secured to your wrist, the mirror provides an excellent field of vision despite its small size (5 cm diameter). Moreover, this two-in-one bracelet instantly wraps around your wrist. It is an innovative accessory that combines practicality and safety and can be used with any bicycle or e-scooter, including self-service models.

The product is sold as a pack of two bracelets, only one of which is equipped with the mirror.


Rear-view mirror – Lights up (LED ribbon steady or blinking)
Product complies with European standards
Batteries supplied, 100h life

Rotates and folds

Steady or blinking signal

Led ribbon

Slap bracelet

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