The Rainjoy Spirit

We aim to develop interest in cycling every day, as it has positive effects on health and the environment. As we can only make a small contribution, we also rely on you to make a difference!


Our values

Rainjoy is a French company established in the Alps.

Why ride a bike ? Because it’s fast, economical, and good for your health and the environment. Plus, it’s great fun and is known to boost spirits.

We even take it one step further and say that cycling is fun even in the rain—provided you have the right equipment.

So, as you can see, there is nothing ironic in our name, Rainjoy. We want to help you and our planet by providing innovative cycling equipment that will protect you against the rain and increase your visibility so that the time you spend on your bike is easy and fun.

We are seriously dedicated to our commitment to soft and sustainable mobility in the design and marketing of our products, but once we start talking about our products, we know how to let go and have some fun!


Research and development

Because we design most of our products ourselves, we invest heavily in R&D.

Our team has mastered skills in conception, design, and product engineering, with specific expertise in pop-up equipment for instant opening.

In fact, our R&D engineer is none other than the inventor of the now-famous instant-opening tent that revolutionised the camping market.

It took us two years to design our Bub-Up®, including several prototypes and tests both in the field and in the lab under a rain simulator.

We were also lucky to get input from cyclists who tested our prototypes and provided guidance at every stage in our search for performance and safety.

Bub-up®:The rain protection bubble for
bicycles that eliminates the need for rain gear.


About Rainjoy

We are proud every time a media talks about us!
Find here our press kit and our press review.

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Rainjoy Press Kit

Bub-up® by Rainjoy, the joy of cycling in the rain, in simple street clothes and without getting wet!

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