Child sun and rain protection for bike seats – Bub-up Kids Sun & Rain

Baby sun and rain protection for bike carriers


The Bub-up Kids Sun & Rain is a protective bubble against the sun and rain for child bike seats or baby bike carriers. It deploys and installs quickly, fits most rear bike seats (but only those with armrests), and is easily stored and transported after use. Unlike a raincoat, rain cape, or poncho— even one equipped with a hood—the child/baby is perfectly protected against rain from head to toe, including their face, helmet, and eyes. The large transparent and UV-resistant windshield serves as a sunshade once the waterproof rain protection is removed.

For the baby bike rain protection, we opted for an eco-designed textile fibre to support a circular and sustainable economy. However, we have made it a point of honour to use recycled plastic bottles in designing our waterproof fabric rain protection. Thus, for each Bub-up Kids Sun & Rain manufactured, the equivalent of about 15 plastic bottles have been recycled.

For the baby bike sun protection, the windshield is UV-treated and its blue colour reduces brightness. The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is the measure of sun protection and indicates the level of UV radiation absorbed and blocked by the windshield. Our UV treatment corresponds to a UPF of 40, meaning the baby bike windshield/sunshade filters more than 97,5% of solar radiation. To switch to sun mode, you simply need to remove the fabric rain protection in a few seconds using the circular zip opening provided for this purpose, leaving only the anti-sun windshield.

Compatible only with seats with armrests and for children under 5 years old


Composition: Outer fabric 50% polyester 50% PVC

Weight: 0,9 kg – Bag diameter: 40 cm

The ultimate child bike sunshade and rain cover

UV-resistant windshield (over 97,5% of UV rays filtered)

Large transparent windshield

100% rain protection

Front, back, and side reflective strips

Aeration vents

Compatible with most rear seats (with arm rests)

Fabric made from recycled plastic bottles

Fast installation

For children from 1 to 5 years

100% rain protection and over 97,5% of UV rays filtered.


protect child from sun bike

Universal attachment kit

The universal attachment kit contains 4 self-sticking, hook-and-loop fasteners that adapt to most rear child bike seats. This kit is provided with the Bub-up Kids.

See the Bub-up Kids in action

Baby bike seat sun and rain protection

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