Protecting your child against the rain and cold when riding a bike!

Aug 7, 2023

Bike Rain Protection – Table of content

  1. The rain, a major obstacle when transporting children by bike
  2. The existing equipment to protect children against the rain when riding a bike
  3. Rainjoy’s solution to transport children while keeping them dry on a bike: the Bub-up Kids

When your child (baby) is 9 months old, is able to hold their head and stay in an upright sitting position, you can start to let them experience the world with bike rides in a rear child seat. With the child attached securely to the seat with a certified helmet adapted to the child’s head, bikes are the ideal means of transport for everyday commuting or for fun family outings.

But the cold and rain are often considered as the enemies of cycling. A study published by the French Ministry for the Ecological Transition (walking and pedaling: the practices of French people) shows that the use of bikes is weather-sensitive, “the use of bikes is divided by two and a half in the case of low temperatures, and it is even lower in case of rain”.

This trend is even more accentuated if there is a child on the bike as the cyclist is particularly concerned about protecting their little passenger against the rain and cold! Unlike the adult who warms themself by pedalling, the child in the seat is more exposed to the cold as they do not move. Other children do not appreciate feeling rain against their face or clothes.

However, cycling with a child in the rain or when it is cold is possible. As the Scandinavians say, “There is no bad weather, there is just poor protection”.

2. The existing equipment to protect children against the rain when riding a bike

There are several solutions that exist to protect your children against the rain when riding a bike:

  • Ponchos or capes that protect essentially the body but not necessarily the face of the child nor their seat and which can be complicated to put over the child’s helmet.
  • The bike apron for child seats that partially protects the clothing and the seat, but does not protect either the child’s face or helmet and which restricts the child’s movements.
  • The bike trailer with a rain protection hood is effective but not suited to a rear child bike seat. The trailer is useful when transporting several children at a time. It is particularly adapted for children aged 5 and over. For younger children, it is better to have a seat integrated and adapted to the trailer.
  • The cargo bike with a protection tent against the rain. The cargo bike enables the cyclist to transport several children at the same time and is especially suited to children aged 5 and over.
  • And the Bub-up Kids.

Rainjoy’s solution to transport children while keeping them dry on a bike: The Bub-up Kids

When using a rear child seat, the best protection against the rain on a bike is the Bub-up Kids because unlike ponchos, capes and other waterproofs, the child is 100% protected against the rain including their face, head and helmet.

The Bub-up Kids is suitable for children from 1 to 5 years that are transported in a rear bike seat. A rear bike seat ensures that the child is better supported when being transported, especially if the seat is ergonomic.

The Bub-up Kids is a protection bubble against rain and cold for child bike seats. The child has more freedom of movement than in rain clothes such as rain jackets or ponchos whilst staying completely protected against the rain from top to toe.

The large transparent windshield guarantees good visibility for the child and enables the adult to easily check that the child is comfortable. The aeration vents located at the front and the back of the Bub-up Kids provide good ventilation inside the protection bubble.

With fast unfolding and installation, the Bub-up Kids adapts to most rear child bike seats (seats with armrests) and is easily folded and transported after use.

Bub-up®:The rain protection bubble for
bicycles that eliminates the need for rain gear.

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